ESN Russia is happy to welcome its 3rd section from HSE University, Moscow

Born in 2014 as an initiative of several enthusiastic students who simply wanted to spend more time with their international friends, with time HSE Buddies have become a well-structured and organized network with a huge team of almost 500 volunteers eager to provide support for exchange students. By the end of 2015 the leaders of HSE Buddies felt some kind of finality in terms of what they could do for their exchange students without further development. Shortly after that realization, during the forum for young leaders in international education in Tyumen they met Lukas Oppermann and Michal Sikora, two Eduk8 trainers who gave them the first actual sense of what the Erasmus Student Network is.  As the organizations seemed to share one common cause – providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development by uniting students from all over the world, joining forces seemed to be a logical step in the evolution of HSE Buddies Network, as it would allow them to function on a new, truly international level.

Now an official section of ESN, ESN HSE Moscow aims to promote the mission and values of ESN not only at Higher School of Economics, but also among other Russian universities. Being the third ESN section in Russia and the first one in the Russian capital, it does have a potential to change the attitude towards international education in our country. Higher School of Economics is by far one of the most rapidly developing universities in Russia which actively supports the idea of internationalization of higher education. HSE has 152 agreements with universities from all over the world, and the total number of international students at HSE is around 2000 people. Another important fact is that HSE also has campuses in St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod and Perm – 3 new places for potential ESN sections. And of course, the establishment of a local section in Moscow now enables ESN Russia to hold different national and even international events with less logistics difficulties. 

Establishing of ESN HSE Moscow with no doubt opens up many exciting, opportunities and will hopefully contribute a lot to the Network on a national level.