Nadya - President
24/01/1993 - ESN Ural Federal - Exchange in Italy (SS '14), Erasmus in Chech Republic (WS '16-17)
Loves: meeting new people, travelling, living in different countries, drawing, nature, good vine, rock music and ice cream
Hates: don't know what it means
Speaks: English
Alina - Vice-President
04/10/1995 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: travelling, photography, architecture, Star Wars, meeting new people, psycology, yoga, veggie food and good music
Hates: narrow-minded people, predjudices and cold weather
Speaks: English, German and a bit of Italian & Spanish
Evgenii - National Representative
20/11/1995 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: politics, law&economics, geek stuff
Hates: unability to plan in advance and when people refuse to understand how things work
Speaks: English and French (and a little bit of Latin)
Alex - Treasurer
12/05/1995 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: stupid jokes, adventures, racoons, ballroom dancing and whisky

Hates: any tipes of discrimination, laziness, banality and vodka
Speaks: English


Daria - Communication Manager
06/12/1996 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: sunrises, figure skating, good books, fresh bakery
Hates: being in a bad mood, narrow-mindness, boredom 
Speaks: English, a bit of German 

Anastasia - Event Manager
10/10/1996 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: writing, philosophy, equestrian sport and Italian food 
Hates: dishonesty, brainwashing, intolerance and time waste 
Speaks: English, Italian and a bit of German

Ekaterina - Vice-NR
14/04/1995 - ESN HSE Moscow - Erasmus in Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany (SS 2016)
Loves: learning foreign languages, travelling, cycling, soccer, drawing, meeting new people
Hates: traffic jams
Speaks: English, German, Spanish and a bit of French


Board Support

Nastya - SocialErasmus Coordinator
11/01/1995 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: deep conversation, self-development, Leo Tolstoy’s novels, cycling, house parties
Hates: deadlines, mornings after party nights, arrogant people, Russian Railways
Speaks: English


Olga - Mov'in Europe Coordinator
03/10/1994 - ESN Ural Federal - No Erasmus yet
Loves: travelling, meet new people, eating, watching films and reading books
Hates: discrimination
Speaks: English and a bit of Spanish


Andrey - Webmaster
30/04/1997 - ESN HSE Moscow - No Erasmus yet
Loves: waving a dead chicken
Hates: laymons
Speaks: mostly C++, sometimes English